Baby Quilt Kits

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being able to give a gift that you made yourself.  We make it easy for you!  All of our baby quilt kits include everything you need for the quilt top, backing, and binding.  We use quality fabric that is rotary cut.  Also included in our quilt kits are easy to follow instructions with lots of color illustrations and diagrams.  

Be sure to check out our articles for free quilting tips.

Panel Quilt KitsThese are fun, fast and easy. They are great for beginners! Pieced Quilt KitsThese take a little more time and are fun to piece together!
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Frozen Sisters Baby Quilt KitFrozen Sisters Baby Quilt Kit
Imagine Minnie Baby Quilt KitImagine Minnie Baby Quilt Kit
My Little Pony Baby Quilt KitMy Little Pony Baby Quilt Kit
New Baby Boy Quilt KitNew Baby Boy Quilt Kit
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Baby Boy Rag Patchwork Quilt Kit*Baby Boy Rag Patchwork Quilt Kit*
Baby Cowboy Rag Quilt Kit*Baby Cowboy Rag Quilt Kit*
Baby Cowgirl Rag Quilt Kit*Baby Cowgirl Rag Quilt Kit*
Baby Girl Rag Patchwork Quilt Kit*Baby Girl Rag Patchwork Quilt Kit*
Bears Intertwined Christmas Baby Quilt Kit*Bears Intertwined Christmas Baby Quilt Kit*
Bears Intertwined Lavender Baby Quilt Kit*Bears Intertwined Lavender Baby Quilt Kit*
Bears Intertwined Pink Baby Quilt Kit*Bears Intertwined Pink Baby Quilt Kit*
Bears Intertwined Western Baby Quilt Kit*Bears Intertwined Western Baby Quilt Kit*
Blue & Brown Baby Puff Quilt Kit*Blue & Brown Baby Puff Quilt Kit*
Blue & White Rag Quilt Kit*Blue & White Rag Quilt Kit*
Bunnies Intertwined Baby Boy Quilt Kit*Bunnies Intertwined Baby Boy Quilt Kit*
Bunnies Intertwined Baby Girl Quilt Kit*Bunnies Intertwined Baby Girl Quilt Kit*
Diamond Baby Boy Quilt Kit*Diamond Baby Boy Quilt Kit*
Diamond Baby Girl Quilt Kit*Diamond Baby Girl Quilt Kit*
Flowers Intertwined Baby Quilt Kit*Flowers Intertwined Baby Quilt Kit*
Hearts Intertwined Support Our Troops Quilt Kit*Hearts Intertwined Support Our Troops Quilt Kit*
Hearts Intertwined Valentine Baby Quilt Kit*Hearts Intertwined Valentine Baby Quilt Kit*
Most Precious Pink Puff Quilt Kit*Most Precious Pink Puff Quilt Kit*
Naturally Precious Puff Quilt Kit*Naturally Precious Puff Quilt Kit*
Personalized Baby Boy Quilt Kit*Personalized Baby Boy Quilt Kit*
Personalized Baby Girl Quilt Kit*Personalized Baby Girl Quilt Kit*
Personalized Blue & Brown Baby Quilt Kit*Personalized Blue & Brown Baby Quilt Kit*
Personalized Girl Bright Quilt Kit*Personalized Girl Bright Quilt Kit*
Personalized Pink & Brown Baby Quilt Kit*Personalized Pink & Brown Baby Quilt Kit*
Personalized Primary Baby Quilt Kit*Personalized Primary Baby Quilt Kit*
Personalized Quilt Block Embroidered w/ NamePersonalized Quilt Block Embroidered w/ Name
Pink & Brown Puff Quilt Kit*Pink & Brown Puff Quilt Kit*
Pink & Green Baby Girl Rag Quilt Kit*Pink & Green Baby Girl Rag Quilt Kit*
Precious in Blue Puff Quilt Kit*Precious in Blue Puff Quilt Kit*
Precious Lavender Puff Quilt Kit*Precious Lavender Puff Quilt Kit*
Red & Blue Puff Quilt Kit*Red & Blue Puff Quilt Kit*
Springtime Baby Rag Quilt Kit*Springtime Baby Rag Quilt Kit*
Springtime Hearts Intertwined Baby Quilt Kit*Springtime Hearts Intertwined Baby Quilt Kit*
Stars Intertwined Patriotic Baby Quilt Kit*Stars Intertwined Patriotic Baby Quilt Kit*
Stars Intertwined Support Our Troops Quilt Kit*Stars Intertwined Support Our Troops Quilt Kit*

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