How to Quilt a “Random” Pattern Baby Quilt 

            Some of us like to purchase one piece of fabric for a baby quilt top.  We may like the print and it is just easier than having to sew many different pieces of fabric together to make a quilt top.  The tricky part about making a baby quilt with a random pattern quilt top, is how to quilt it.  The print may be too small and have too many details to quilt around each object.  Our best options then, would be to either tie the quilt, or draw our own pattern to quilt.  I am going to tell you the easiest way to draw your own pattern to hand quilt this type of baby quilt.     

If you are quilting a random print with no obvious lines to follow, the most attractive way to quilt it (at least in my opinion) is to draw straight lines in two directions.  Start on one corner with a yard stick and use a pencil (regular #2 or fabric) to draw a line diagonally across the corner about 4” from the corner.  Make the rest of the lines parallel to that line by first measuring 4” from each end of the line and making a mark, then placing the yard stick on both marks and drawing a line.  After you have parallel lines drawn all across the top of the quilt, draw lines in the other direction using the same method.  This will make a diamond pattern across the whole top of the baby quilt.  Then simply quilt on all the lines, making sure to leave about 2”, not quilted on the edges. This will allow you enough unquilted fabric on the edges so that you can easily bind your baby quilt.  Be sure to wash the baby quilt when you are finished to make the lines you drew disappear. 

              This quilted design will give your baby quilt a sophisticated look that is quite simple to accomplish.
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