How to “Put a Quilt On” Using a Hoop

Hand quilting is a great way to add a personal touch to any hand made quilt.  Generally, hand quilted quilts are durable and last for years.  Hand quilting also gives your quilt an authentic antique look.  Using a hoop is a good way to quilt doll quilts or baby quilts.

Step 1) Trim the quilt batting to the size of the quilt top.

Step 2) Lay the fabric for the back of the quilt on the floor with wrong side up.  Place the quilt batting in the center of the backing.  The quilt back should be a few inches larger on every side.  Place the quilt top face up onto the quilt batting.  Remove the inner part of the quilting hoop from the outer part and slide the inner part under all three layers to the center of the quilt. 

Step 3) Now place the outer part of the hoop over the top of the quilt and press it over the inner part of the hoop.  Adjust the size of the outer part of the hoop as necessary to get it on and then tighten.

Step 4) Be sure there are no puckers on the quilt top by pulling the top gently around the hoop where needed.  Now flip the quilt over and check the back for puckers that need to be straightened out.

Step 5) Pin the edges together every 10” or so to keep the top and back together.

Once you have quilted everything in the hoop, you can take the hoop apart and move it to another area and begin again with step 3, skipping step 5. 

Tip:  Work from the center out to avoid puckers in order to keep everything smooth.

Step 6) To quilt the edges, you may need to do it without the hoop.  Be sure to keep everything flat and tight to avoid puckers.

When you are all finished quilting, it’s a good idea to look under the quilt to make sure you didn’t miss anything.  It also looks pretty cool to see everything you did so far.

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