Precious in Blue Puff Quilt Pattern

Precious in Blue Puff Quilt Pattern
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This downloadable baby quilt pattern includes detailed, step by step, instructions and color illustrations on how to make this quilt from beginning to end.

This puff quilt is not made like traditional puff quilts. Because you don't have to stuff each square, it will be light-weight, and much easier to make. Yet, by following simple instructions, you will still get the look of a traditional puff quilt.

This quilt pattern:

Can be put together in 2 to 3 days, depending on your experience
Finished size is approximately 40" x 40"

See below for details

Step 1 - Covers items you will need:

Fabric - pattern tells exactly how much of each fabric you will need
Quilt batting
Hand Quilting thread
All purpose thread
Sewing machine
Quilting needle
Quilting hoop (or frames) - these instructions explain how to use a quilting hoop
Straight pins
Safety pins
Thimble (optional)

Step 2 - Tells you what size and how many squares of each fabric to cut out

Step 3 - Covers sewing the quilt top together.

Sew squares together to make rows
Sew rows together
Sew on a lace border to complete the quilt top

This step also has diagrams to illustrate each step. It's like having somebody "hold your hand" through the whole thing.

Step 4 - Explains how to quilt using a quilting hoop

Note: Quilting this quilt is optional as you will also have bows sewn on to hold the layers together. We prefer quilting it because it holds the layers together a lot better.

Step 5 - Tells you how to bind the quilt with a lace edge.

Step 6 - Tells you how to make and sew on the bows.

All throughout this pattern are little tips to tell you the best way to do things to make everything work out just right!
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